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Wander Woman Gear Reusable Wipes

Thoughtfully designed, hand made, innovative, eco friendly Wipes that reduce the need for toilet paper while outdoors or at home.

Wander Wipes... leaving no trace has never looked so good!


Why Bamboo & Hemp?

Wander Wipes incorporates a multi-functional fabric made from Bamboo or Hemp. Bamboo and Hemp have natural antimicrobial qualities that makes it perfect for extended use. It's also 40% more absorbent than cotton and quick drying. Adding to the awesomeness, Bamboo and Hemp are eco friendly, sustainable crops. This what makes Wander Wipes superior in the world of pee rags. 


Get the facts.

Besides being unsightly, toilet paper can take several months or years to break down. Use a Wipe or pack it out. Wander Wipes are; light weight, reusable, quick drying, double layered, naturally antimicrobial & hypoallergenic, eco friendly, easy to care for, stylish, and affordable. Check out a pro-tip article I wrote to learn more.


Leave no trace

Lets inspire each other to keep the spaces we all cherish pristine for generations to come. Join the pack of wandering women choosing to leave no trace! If you are serious about cutting waste, saving money and reducing your human footprint, a Wander Wipe is for you.


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

It is my fearless mission to contribute a solution and bring awareness to the impact humans have on our beautiful spaces. Being an accomplished outdoor pee-er, I had wished that someone would design the perfect, functional pee rag. One day I decided that maybe, that someone should be me. 1,000's of miles hiked and hours sewing later, I decided to share my design with you!

My pee rag obsession began on my first long distance thru hike in 2013. As a thru hiker and backpacker, I quickly learned that less is more. I carried the same PeeRag for the entire 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, and it still remains an essential part of my gear list. I use one at home too!

As a business owner, I make every effort to be as eco friendly as possible. I ship in recycled/compostable packages, addressed by hand, and thoughtfully source my fabric by using remnants or dead stock to keep it from ending up in landfills. My hang tags and business cards are recycled and compostable. I've had requests for a clip on the attachment loop, however I feel its  more unnecessary plastic. 

It's important to me that you purchase a product and support a business you feel confident about.

I encourage you make the change towards a more sustainable way to spend time outdoors no matter what activity you choose. I hope you love these Wipes as much as I do and it's my absolute pleasure to hand make each wipe as unique as you. 

Happy Trails!

Jamie aka "Nurse Betty"

Buy one for yourself. Buy one for a friend. Buy one for our future.

Go Green!


Reduce waste and save money... Use your Wipe at home! This small change will have a big impact. The trees will thank you.

Bamboo is key.


Bamboo fabric is great for extended use. Its naturally antimicrobial and absorbent making it the perfect choice for pee rags. 

Easy Care


Give it a wash as needed in warm water with mild soap. Hang dry. 

The sun and wind are always there to keep your Wipe fresh. 

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