welcome to Wander Woman Gear, home of the wander Wipe

welcome to Wander Woman Gear, home of the wander Wipe

User tested, nature approved!


User tested, nature approved!

Wander Wipes

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Waterproof Wipe + Leash


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Our best selling Wipe paired with a retractable leash = PEEfection!

Wander Wipes at Home

Go Green!


Reduce waste and save money. Use your Wipe at home! The trees will thank you.

Bamboo is the key.


Bamboo fabric is great for extended use. Its naturally antimicrobial and so soft. 

Easy Care


Give it a wash as needed in cool water with mild soap. Hang dry. 

Be informed


Why Bamboo?

Wander Wipes incorporates a multi1functional fabric made from Bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainably sourced fabric with natural antimicrobial qualities that makes it perfect for extended use. It's also 40% more absorbent than cotton and quick drying. 

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Wondering why? Get the facts.

Besides being unsightly, toilet paper can take several months or years to break down. High alpine and dry climates are particularly sensitive. The solution to eliminating toilet paper "blooms" is a Wander Wipe!

 There is a secure loop to hang it from your pack without having the using side exposed or against any other gear. A waterproof outer layer keeps hands dry.


Leave no trace

Lets inspire each other to keep the spaces we all cherish pristine for generations to come. Join the pack of wandering women choosing to leave no trace!  These wipes make a great addition for any outdoor adventurer. If you are serious about cutting waste, saving money and reducing your human footprint, try these at home too!

About Me

My Passion

It is my mission to contribute a solution and bring awareness to the impact humans have on our beautiful spaces. 

As a thru hiker and backpacker, I quickly learned that less is more. I carried the same PeeRag for the entire 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, and it still remains an essential part of my gear list. 

I encourage you make the change towards a more sustainable way to spend time outdoors no matter what activity you choose!

Happy Trails!

Jamie aka "Nurse Betty"

Buy one for yourself. Buy one for a friend. Buy one for our future.

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