Lets talk pee rags

Success is in the design

Besides fabric, the double layer design is the key to success when it comes to pee rags. A waterproof or water resistant outer layer keeps your hands and pack dry during and after use. 

This also allows you to fold the Wander Wipe and stash it in a pocket.

The way it hangs also allows for airflow to keep the Wipe dry and fresh.

Functional Features

The secure, reflective attachment loop makes it easy to hang anywhere. I keep mine on a retractable leash for quick, easy access. It's designed to drape with the side you use unexposed and not make contact with your gear or pockets.  This design also allows for discretion. The using side remains unexposed, sooo many women appreciate this. Especially first time pee rag users.

Fabric Matters

In the wide world of fabric, I carefully chose to use Bamboo. This is ultimately what makes this pee rags superior. To keep our lady bits safe... its important that the fabric be antimicrobial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, free of harmful chemicals, non abrasive, and quick drying.

Its also important to note that bamboo fabric retains these features after multiple washings, giving this product serious longevity. 


I've designed several options to suit individual needs. From ultralight, single layers to extended use double layer designs. Day hikes, multi-day backpacking and home use, there is a design to meet your needs. 

Made for women by a woman.

Women know what works best for women. I've had thousands of miles backpacking and days on end of solo walking to obsess about my design. Wander Wipes have been tested and proven to go the distance by someone who has. 

Pee Rag history.

Women have been peeing since time began and have been creative about how they keep clean. Toilet paper is no longer a sustainable option. Get back to basics with a modern pee rag. Reduce waste, save trees and money!