A pee rag is meant to replace toilet paper after you pee.

The success of a Wander Wipe lies in the design and  fabric used.

The outer layer of the Original Wander Wipe is waterproof. This adds a barrier between the side you use and any surface it comes in contact with, including your hands, backpack  and  pocket.  It  also  allows  airflow  to  keep the  Wipe  dry  between  uses.  It  hangs  in  a  way  that  allows  for  discretion  and  the  black organic  bamboo  fabric  hides  any  staining.

Now  for  the  side  you use.  I  carefully chose  to  use  organic bamboo fabric.  Its  natural qualities  like:  ANTIMICROBIAL,  HYPOALLERGENIC  &  ANTI-FUNGAL

make  it  a  safe  choice  for  our  lady bits  and the environment. It’s also 40% more absorbent than cotton, quick drying and luxuriously soft. Bamboo is perfect to replace modern toilet paper because its a sustainable crop. Did you know its a grass and can grow up to 3 feet a day? All of these reasons combined make Wander Wipes a product you can feel great about using.   

There  is  a  secure sewn  in  attachment  loop  for  hanging  your  Wander Wipe  anywhere with  confidence  that  it  won‘t  be  snagged  by  a  branch  or  be  lost  by  failed  hardware.  

Use & care of a pee rag

Be a dabber. Just flip the wipe over with the bamboo side facing up and pat dry after you pee or rinse with a bidet. 

Re-hang the wipe with the sewn in loop and let air dry.

Because of bamboos fantastic natural qualities, this wipe can be used several times between washings. Give it a rinse as needed with water and a mild soap.  Air  dry.

Rest assured that because organic  bamboo comes by these qualities naturally, washing  will not  reduce  the  life of  this  product.  It’s  made to  go  the  distance.